Golf gains with new tech

Welcome, at YouTube and Instagram we have new uploads with the tech upgrade, Moto g7 play. Golf Camera Tripod What are the best swing thoughts to have? The most recent swing thoughts build on a Nick Faldo quote "You want to grow in your backswing". This means that I try to have a… Continue reading Golf gains with new tech


Gopro Hero 7 golf photography

In this post we will see the updated technique of golf picture blogging. Instagram @tsgpixels | Unsplash @tsgpixels. With gopro hero 7 on the time lapse mode, we took several action shots. A couple shots were set at protune, wide with higher av setting. Other pictures were at the automatic gopro color setting. This camera… Continue reading Gopro Hero 7 golf photography

Two important golf media uploads.

One video is a successful unboxing of an Amazon product, the other video is face on 5 iron and taylormade driver swing. The unboxing features a VTIN bluetooth speaker which is great for working out at home. We could all use lots of motivation! The golf swing vid is important because its the first time… Continue reading Two important golf media uploads.

Make your putts, score lower.

The newest @tsgpixels pictures with Gopro hero 7. Improved putting is critical to reaching your goals in golf. Everyone knows what a momentum killer it is to three putt on the first hole, and everyone believes three putt avoidance is key to breaking 80 for the first time and certainly for breaking 70. I do… Continue reading Make your putts, score lower.

The most viral golf video.

This is the most successful video upload done by @tsgpixels. This upload has reached over 3,000 accounts, certainly a success for a golf media startup. What is reason for the success of this one upload? The tagging and hash tagging is nothing remarkable, I would assume the video shows up in the automatic search feed… Continue reading The most viral golf video.

Gopro Hero 7 time lapse mode

@tsgpixels latest golf upload. These uploads feature the lapse mode photography. Set to protune, flat, higher EV setting, and photos taken at 1 second intervals. Very fun to create these pictures under the July sun. New England golf tour How to get a golf blog started Camera, tripod, uploading devices are critical. Check out… Continue reading Gopro Hero 7 time lapse mode

Podcast episode 2, pro pattern technique.

@tsgpixels has recorded the second podcast at buzzsprout. The topic is the general philosophy of improving full swing technique. The desired result is straighter shots and better trajectory. The method is to improve sequencing and improve physical fitness. The technique is heavily inspired by Pete Cowen's commentary on "grabbing the club". The idea is we… Continue reading Podcast episode 2, pro pattern technique.

New podcast episode

Proud to upload a pilot podcast. This podcast is inspired by the debate of the importance of improved putting or improved ball striking to realize your golf potential. @tsgpixels is heavy with the self improvement. Improve fitness, diet, financial situation, demeanor, improve practice time usage and yes, improved short game. Build on your short game… Continue reading New podcast episode

Face on Golf Swings

Some of the newest instagram and youtube uploads of the 2 iron and taylormade driver. We are seeing some gains on the fitness and the flow of the golf swing. Focus on full swing technique will still be on clean transition, and we are adding improved rotation through the hitting area. Trying to either clear… Continue reading Face on Golf Swings

The latest driver and long iron uploads

From the youtube Trainsmoke Golf channel. New uploads of driver and 2 iron swings. Doing our best to stick to the leaner eating, body weight exercise and drills to improve technique. Leaner diet is inspired by the Paleo diet. Photo by Diana Palkevic on Unsplash Swing technique uses drills designed to clean up the transition. The transition includes… Continue reading The latest driver and long iron uploads