Tour Trek Signal Slope Rangefinder Only $199.99 $199.99 The Tour trek signal slope rangefinder is unique in that it has a lot of capabilities in a more sleek size. The carry case has a quick close feature with a bunjee so you don't need to wrestle with a zipper between shots. This rangefinder has a "pin zoom" feature which… Continue reading Tour Trek Signal Slope Rangefinder

The end of the line for Tiger Woods

It happened in the early morning on a quiet highway in Los Angeles. Tiger crashed his rented SUV, perhaps caused by sleeping behind the wheel. It is unlikely he will ever win a professional event again, his best bet is the Champions tour. Years of rehab is needed to come back from numerous fractures in… Continue reading The end of the line for Tiger Woods

Putting correlates with lower scores

I did a statistical spreadsheet on putting performance on the PGA tour. Using stats available on the PGA tour website I compiled strokes gained putting and scoring average for the five seasons 2016 thru 2020. The chart shows player names who appeared in the top 5 of the strokes gained putting and or top 5… Continue reading Putting correlates with lower scores

Manufacturing a golf ball

This is a great short video that gives us a high definition perspective on golf ball manufacturing. The video covers the time the materials hit the factory doors to the point at which the final polish is drying, and amazing process. Nothing in sports quite as pure as a fresh golf ball. The place… Continue reading Manufacturing a golf ball

Justin Thomas, world class highlights

Justin Thomas is not even 30 years old and his resume is already staggering. The number 3 ranked golfer in the world has already carded a 59 in a PGA event and has 13 tour victories. Justin Thomas has a major championship and has career on course earnings over 37 million dollars. Perhaps something that… Continue reading Justin Thomas, world class highlights

Charles Howel III model in consistency

Shop the Charles Howell III Look at! This is the breakdown of his 2019 season, $3.04 million in earnings. As you can see in the graphic his SG breakdown across the season is top third on tour so he keeps all parts of his game going at high level. His well rounded game has… Continue reading Charles Howel III model in consistency

Solid golf tip for 2020

Every golfer should be on a path on learning and upgrading. Even Tiger Woods after he won 9 times in a season pursued a new swing coach and some swing changes. Incredible, and it shows you that even the best in the world are making adjustments knowing that its an innate quality of competing in… Continue reading Solid golf tip for 2020