Solid golf tip for 2020

Every golfer should be on a path on learning and upgrading. Even Tiger Woods after he won 9 times in a season pursued a new swing coach and some swing changes. Incredible, and it shows you that even the best in the world are making adjustments knowing that its an innate quality of competing in… Continue reading Solid golf tip for 2020

Scamming mini tours in golf

Its a sad state of affairs but the shady mini tours in golf are still around in the year 2019. I have been involved with two such tours in just my small geographical area. Imagine how many there must be around the country! What scam are they pulling? The leveling of a scam accusation is… Continue reading Scamming mini tours in golf

4k golf video upload with gopro

5 iron dtl golf swing in 4k resolution. This upload would not be possible without the HP spectre x360 and the gopro hero 7 black. If you are searching for an action sports setup, here it is. What is needed to upload 4k video? You need the proper micro sd card. Its simply not… Continue reading 4k golf video upload with gopro

Golf gains with new tech part II

We are proud to unveil the HP spectre x360 to assist in the golf blog and video uploading. This new laptop has the maxed out specs, including the 4k screen resolution, 1 tb ssd and i7 processor. What is the benefit of a premium laptop for golf blogging? Speed, power, Speed, Power. Not much different… Continue reading Golf gains with new tech part II

Golf gains with new tech

Welcome, at YouTube and Instagram we have new uploads with the tech upgrade, Moto g7 play. Golf Camera Tripod What are the best swing thoughts to have? The most recent swing thoughts build on a Nick Faldo quote "You want to grow in your backswing". This means that I try to have a… Continue reading Golf gains with new tech

Gopro Hero 7 golf photography

In this post we will see the updated technique of golf picture blogging. Instagram @tsgpixels | Unsplash @tsgpixels. With gopro hero 7 on the time lapse mode, we took several action shots. A couple shots were set at protune, wide with higher av setting. Other pictures were at the automatic gopro color setting. This camera… Continue reading Gopro Hero 7 golf photography

Two important golf media uploads.

One video is a successful unboxing of an Amazon product, the other video is face on 5 iron and taylormade driver swing. The unboxing features a VTIN bluetooth speaker which is great for working out at home. We could all use lots of motivation! The golf swing vid is important because its the first time… Continue reading Two important golf media uploads.